Residential Flooring

Unleash the full potential of your Residential Flooring with Elite's Wide Scope Concrete Options.

From sleek polishing and coatings to interior resilient flooring. Let your residential flooring become a canvas of creativity and durability with our expert touch. Aside from aesthetics, our residential flooring systems offer a high grade of protection from stains, oil, and abrasions.

Full Flake Epoxy

Residential Full Flake Epoxy Floors offer a seamless fusion of strength and style. Crafted for enduring durability and enhanced aesthetics, these floors transform your space into a functional and striking part of your home.

Concrete Dressing

Concrete Dressing is a versatile solution that rejuvenates your porch or floors with a fresh, modern appeal. This innovative coating enhances the look and longevity of your home's concrete surfaces.

Decorative Metallic

Metallic Epoxy floors blend durability with captivating beauty. Infused with shimmering metallic pigments, these floors enhance the style and sophistication of any space with a modern twist.


Explore our innovative flooring solutions for Residential environments.

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